Gallus “Day Decaleur”

I am very pleased to present to you all the Gallus “Day Decaleur”, a quick release decaleur system for traditional randonneur style front loaded bikes. For those of you who ride with a randonneur front bag and rack will know that the 2 most important features of a good decaleur is that it firstly holds the bag securely while riding, and secondly allows for easy removal of the bag. During the past six years of exclusively riding a randonneur style bike, during countless brevets and as a daily commuter, I have personally tried every commercially available decaleur, and have made several of my own before, and have always been dissatisfied.  Other systems can either hold the bag securely but then are a pain to remove, or are easy to remove but then also prone to become unsecure while riding. None have been able to do both.

Cue my friend Sam Day. He is one of the smartest guys I know, holding both a PhD and MD. He also a big bike nerd, really into classic bikes, and has an eye for design. Sam has also been riding a front loaded randonneur bike as a daily commuter for several years now and has also been dissatisfied with available decaleurs. He was once riding down a busy street in downtown Denver, hit a bump and his bag went flying off. Lucky he was ok, but it was a hairy situation. We began brainstorming possible solutions to make a better decaleur and the use of a quick release became the central focus. We were aware of similar systems for rear saddle bags, but had never seen it in use for a front bag. The decaleur is quite straightforward. The plate attached to the bag acts like a “wheel hub”, containing the quick release axle. This attaches to a piece coming off of the stem that acts like a “fork”. When you want to take your bag off, simply “open” the quick release and pull your bag off.

My current project is a fully integrated randonneur rig(more on that soon), and was a perfect opportunity to make the first “Day Decaleur”. This first one was hacked out by hand as I still don’t have a mill. It’s amazing what one can do with minimal tooling, it just takes a little longer and a little more focus. I plan on refining the design and getting most of the components machined or cut by water jet and then simply brazing them together and getting them chromed. So, check back soon, and I will hopefully have some for sale. Ok, enough chat, here are some photos:

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