Alex’s Custom Series 650b Randonneur


Alex’s frame came back looking absolutely stunning from paint. Rudi from Gold Coast Bicycle MFG. did a fine job. We went with a jade green with very subtle lettering and box striping done in mint green. Flashy paint jobs can be fun, but a well sprayed simple scheme will not only look classy for years to come, but more importantly it helps really bring out the details of frame and the components that will adorn it.

The frame features custom carved lugs, handlebar rack with detachable lowriders, custom stem, internal wiring for rear tail light and set up for the connectorless Schmidt SL dynamo hub. It will also have the first quick release “Day Decaleur” and a very custom vegan Ruthworks SF handlebar bag and seat wedge. And the cherry on top being a very nice head badge from Jen Green.

I have been getting the racks and fenders dialed in, and I am now waiting on some special connectors to get the wiring sussed out before shipping it to Australia, where Alex hails from. As he has most of the components with him, this is the most I will see the bike completed. There are some really nice parts going on here so hopefully he will send some photos of it built up. This will be my first bike to touch down in the Southern Hemisphere!































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