Lugs, Lugs, and Rohloff

Well, damn. Looks like I have done a fine job of neglecting the blog recently. I had/have quite a few really cool projects that have kept me pretty busy.

First up is Alex’s Custom Series Randonneur bike. Today I am only going to share a few pics of the lugs. The frame is done and getting sprayed as I type this, along with a complete rack set getting chromed, so there will be a dedicated post to follow up soon.

IMG_0814 IMG_0799

I have also started a very unique project for a good friend of mine, Stuart. Stuart is a talented craftsman in his own right, producing everything from custom architectural components to jewelry, motorcycle parts, and even a few bike frames. To be honest, I am surprised he ordered a bike off of me, as he is skilled enough to make one himself. As he lives in Flagstaff, AZ, the frame is designed for the terrain. We are calling it the “High Desert Rambler”. I don’t want to give away too much just now, but this will be some next level rad-ness. We are starting off with a lug set made completely from scratch. The lugs began as pieces of chromoly tubing, that were first turned down on the lathe, then mitered, and TIG welded together (by Stuart). I then did a brass fillet over the weld for a smoother appearance and began carving the motif. The design might not be to everyone’s taste, but hey, it’s being custom made for Stuart. The design will also make a lot more sense once the project has played out and the overall vision has been realized. Once again, check back soon to see some progress on the overall build.

IMG_1467IMG_1469IMG_1455The last project I will share with y’all today was also pretty interesting. You might remember my friends Chunyu and Masha from the Rollins Pass story. They are now back on the road, resuming their bike tour. Before they left they asked if I would convert their Surly Long Haul Truckers to become Rohloff compatible. Simply using aftermarket clips and clamps wasn’t an option, gotta do it right or not at all. I essentially chopped off the existing dropouts, brazed in new ones, and changed the cable routing to work with the Rohloff set up. This was a pretty big undertaking, especially as I only had a month to get all of the materials, do the work, and then get them powder coated, build the new wheels and then put the bikes back together. It came down to the wire, but we got it done, and now Chunyu and Masha are somewhere between Colorado and the East Coast.

FullSizeRender_2 FullSizeRender_1 FullSizeRender IMG_1484

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