Preston’s Small Batch Randonneuse

Preston’s Small Batch rando bike shipped out a couple months before Paris-Brest 2019. A combination of trying to get it out to him in time for his last few brevets before riding PBP and that he was providing the parts and doing the build, along with my general inability at documenting projects properly and doing “marketing” meant that I didn’t have much in the way of photos of Preston’s bike built up.

Luckily, his riding buddy, Ben Everett from Evergreen Gravel Racing, had been snapping away quite a few photos of Preston and his bike during various rides near their stomping grounds outside of Olympia, WA. I also had a few photos that Ryan Stannis, from Keystone Bikes, had taken during PBP. I designed the Small Batch Series to be the “if I only had one bike” of bikes, versatility being the focus. From fast-ish brevet riding to exploring gravel fire roads, cutting around town for groceries or light touring, this bike is designed to do all of those things very well, all the while keeping the rider comfortable and fresh. I think the photos from Ben and Ryan do an excellent job of showing what a fully equipped randonneur bike can do.

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