Texas Custom Bicycle Show: Austin: This Weekend

Hey everyone, blog has been quiet for awhile now. I have been back in town for over a month now, I wish I could write more about my trip, but I  have been busy piecing things back together and getting my routine back on track. Getting there…I am now working on a disc brake, coupled, stainless lug dream machine for Matthew Lerberg. Sounds like a lot going on, but it will actually be a very balanced and subtle bike. I have also, slowly but surely been getting back on the bike since Paris-Brest. No need for super long rides at the moment, so keeping things in the 30 mile range during the week, but I am keeping up with my R-12 (an award for completing one 200km for 12 consecutive months) so have had a couple long days in the saddle.

One of the major upcoming events for Gallus Cycles is the Texas Custom Bicycle Show this coming weekend, October 15th and 16th at the Austin Convention Center. I hope this late announcement sparks those spontaneous folks out there to attend. This is the fourth year (damn, time flies) we have done this show. I am very pleased to have been part of the show each year from its conception at the Superdrome in beautiful Frisco, Tx.

One of the highlights of being part of the show from the beginning is watching myself and my peers work progress. A lot of us started out around the same time, and its interesting and encouraging seeing the improvements in design, quality and business (though our bikes were rad from day 1). It keeps things fresh, and urges one to keep marching forward.

I am particularly excited about this year because I am bringing some knock out bikes. It will be the public debut of both the belt drive track bike and Rick’s 650b adventure bike. In addition, and just as spectacular, I am bringing Clint’s absolutely gorgeous  All-Rounder and my new stainless, coupled, 650b Randonneur that I made for and rode during Paris-Brest-Paris.

My 650b bike is currently a well ridden  work in progress. Though the frame is stainless, the fork isn’t so after the show it will receive some professional paint(the paint on there is temporary a-la-rattle can), polish the frame up properly and  make a new rack. So kindly advert your magnifying glass and judging gaze towards my other bikes…

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