Paris Brest Paris Result

78 hours and 31 minutes

This will definitely go down as one of my greatest sporting accomplishments and most sensastional experiences. I don’t think I would want to even know what is a harder event then PBP.

I can’t write much just now. I need to pack my bike up to go to Glasgow tomorrow, too slow on these French keyboards, and, big news, I will be writing about the ride for Bicycle Times Magazine.. Maybe some pics shortly

I have been extremely quiet about this in the public realm of my business, but now I feel it is necessary to share. Though this was a tough experience it does not compare to the pain and suffering my mother has been experiencing for well over a year now fighting brain cancer. My grand randoneé is completly dedicated to her. It would not have been possible without her love, support, and guidance. She has approached her situation with the same class, dignity, and compassion that has always defined her as a person. Her perserverance has been the greatest influence on my success and determination.

8 thoughts on “Paris Brest Paris Result

  1. How many other riders brought a bike that they built by hand to the race? Exactly.
    You’re officially “Tha man”. Even though you’re not my son, I’m proud of you. Congratulations Jeremy, it really is incredible what you accomplished—in both Texas and Paris. I wish I could buy you a Chartreuse.

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