John’s Bespoke Series 650b Sportif

John approached me looking for a comfortable road bike. He had come across photos of Kevin’s Custom Sportif and wanting something similar albeit with more modern parts. John is a retired architect and had an eye for detail, so it was a lot of fun working with him to discuss the various options in regards to the frame design and details, component selection, and of course, how to paint it. The end result is a very balance bike with a good selection of parts, subtle frame detailing and very clean paint scheme done by Black Magic Paint.

The frame was made with a  Columbus Spirit for Lugs tube set and Richard Sachs Rene Singer lugs. The lugs were thinned, and the seat lug was altered slightly. The lugs are highlighted by the contrasting paint colors and lug lining. Since the lugs were to be the focus, we went with subtle logos, done in a lighter shade of the grey/green main color.

The drivetrain is Campagnolo Veloce group. Though not their high end line, Veloce is still a robust, well made group, helps keep things in the budget and looks great on a more traditionally styled bike. The wheels are Velocity 650b A23 rims, with Velocity front hub, NOS Campy Centaur rear hub, DT Swiss spokes, and are completed with Compass Baby Shoe Pass tires and Berthoud fenders. Bars and stem are Nitto, with Brooks saddle and bar tape. Everything is topped off with a sterling silver headbadge from Jen Green.

IMG_0144 (1)

IMG_0128 (1)

IMG_0142 (1)IMG_0141 (1)IMG_0134IMG_0131 (1)IMG_0124IMG_0123IMG_0122IMG_0135 (1)IMG_0140IMG_0114.


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