Welcome to the Gallus Cycles’ Blog. This blog will showcase everything that is going on at Gallus Cycles, both in and out of the workshop. The main focus will obviously be the current frame building projects. You can expect to see plenty of photos of the bike building process, from start to finish, to the smile on the happy customer’s face. Like this:

In addition to lots of frame building and sexy bike pics and updates, there will also be plenty of pictures and stories of various rides that I undertake. These rides tend to be pretty epic, so look forward seeing posts about the cycling challenges my friends and I put ourselves through. Here s a glimpse into what we get up to:

Texas Chain Ring Massacre 120 miles of dirt roads

6 Jails 300k Brevet, Overnight

Possum Pedal 200k Permanent

Though I am pretty bike-crazed, there are other things that make me who I am and also greatly influence my work as a frame builder and a cyclist. The top of the list is food/eating, art, music, friends, good beer, fine single malt whiskey, not to mention the gallus bicycle couriers fae Glesga.






Single Malt Whiskey

Legendary Glasgow Messenger Foo the Booze

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