Howdy folks. So it seems I have already neglected my little plot of the internet. Well, since my initial “welcome” post a lot has been going on. First and foremost I have gone full time over here at Gallus Cycles, kinda a big deal for us frame builders. Since then, mainly trying to get the shop organized, knock out some important projects, and plan for upcoming builds and events.

So,  with apologies and excuses out of the way, I would like to inaugurate this first real post with an entry relating to the place it all began, sunny Glasgow. Back in 200x, a custom Gallus Cycles was awarded to and then built for  Big Ross, after his heroic victory in Millportpoloco IV.

Big Ross winning Millportpoloco IV

If you can’t tell from the arm wrestling contest, Millportpoloco is actually an annual bicycle  messenger event presented by the more than hospitable Glasgow Messengers. Folks come from all over Britain, Europe, States, Australia, South Africa and even the lone messenger of Tasmania was spotted.

Millportpoloco V: Full Metal Millport happen to take place a couple weeks ago. I couldnt make it, but I sent seasoned war correspondent Priya Patel to cover the carnage. I am awaiting her return for a full report of the this years event

Priya Patel, War  Correspondent

You can read all about Millportpoloco here:


And about Big Ross’s wild card triumph over the unstoppable/untouchable duo that is  The McGuire Brothers here:


And without any further delay here is Ross’s frame set(if you cant tell from my lack of photography skills, the colour is midnight blue):

Big Ross's Frame set

Nice thin lugs

Gallus Seat Cluster

Stainless drops

Much love for Millport

3 thoughts on “WOO HOO! A REAL BLOG POST, finally.

  1. hey, your blog is looking good mate.. ross’s frame looks amazing!
    his head tube is the size of my seat post ha ha
    very proud of your bike building capability’s = ]

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