Back from Paint: Treasure’s Lugged Touring Frame

In a previous post I had some photos of Treasure’s touring frame taken right before it went off to get painted. It landed back in my shop last week and I wanted to post some photos of the frame and fork to show some of the details before the whole bike gets built up.

VeloColour in Toronto, Canada did a stunning job painting the bike. Though they are well known for their multi color paint jobs with intricate masking and details, we opted for a straightforward one color paint scheme so it would compliment the stainless lugs and fork crown and other details of the frame. In addition to the super clean paint work, Suzanne, co-owner of VeloColour, hand carved the head badge. Treasure and her partner Nate keep chickens so a rooster badge was an inevitable choice for a custom made badge. The level of detail on the head badge is not only impressive in its execution but still looks clean and refined, working well with the polished stainless and classy aesthetic of the frame.

Build pics to follow soon.



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