Recent Work: Nick, Rob, and Treasure’s Build Pics

I have recently wrapped up a few projects. They are either currently at paint, or soon to be on their way. Here is a photo dump of some process and raw frame pics. It’s fun, to me at least, to see these three projects lined up next to each other because they are all very different. I won’t get into too much details about the builds as I there will certainly be follow up posts after the frames are painted and the bikes are assembled. Check back soon to see the completed bikes and don’t forget that you can click on individual photos to enlarge them.

Nick’s Lugged Road Bike

Nick was my photographer back in my Texas years and this frame is essentially a (very belated) trade for all the work he did for me in helping getting content up on the website. It is a standard lugged frame built around 700c x 32mm tires, cantilever brakes and fenders. Constructed from Columbus Spirit for Lugs and Richard Sachs lugs, the frame also features a handmade stem and front rack.


Rob’s Modern Road Bike

The bike will be built around the latest Shimano Dura-Ace components and Rob wanted the frame to be a stiff and compliant modern racer. The tubing is a mix of oversize Columbus Life and Zona, it features a tapered head tube and will be paired with a Columbus carbon fork. The tolerances are tight on this frame with 700c x 28mm tires, which measure out even wider on the HED Belgium rims that they mounted to. Though road bike bikes tend to be more on the minimal side, this frame certainly has some unique features.


Treasure’s 650b Touring Bike

Treasure’s frame is built from Columbus Spirit for Lugs tubing, features polished Llewelyn Manorina lugs, Richard Sachs fork crown and a set of Gallus rear dropouts. The frame has a full set of rack and fender mounts along with special front dropouts and internal guides for a wireless Schmidt SL dynamo hub. A lot of work went into achieving the high finish on the stainless lugs and fork crown, but it is totally worth it when you see that mirror finish. It will certainly pop after the rest of the frame gets painted.

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