Small Batch Series “Super Randonneur” Update and Process Photos

Howdy folks. I am pleased to announce that construction of the first run of Small Batch Series “Super Randonneur” frames is complete. I am now in the process of making racks for the first couple of frames that have been ordered, which needs to be done before any frames get painted so it will be a few weeks till I have a complete bike to share.

Beyond the satisfaction of completing a run of 12 lugged frames, I am also excited about these frames because I feel that I have designed and built a bike that represents both my take on framebuilding but also the style of cycling I most enjoy. The material selection, geometry and overall style of these bikes will certainly make for a fast, well handling and lively randonneuse, along with having the versatility for light touring, commuting and general riding. These bikes pack all of the details and quality normally only found on full custom bikes but  come in at a lower price tag and without the wait.

Scroll down for the build photos but if you want to see the details of the bike again, here you go:




  • Standard diameter Columbus SL tubing, with CroMor for the seat stays and fork blades
  • Henry James Lugs
  • Proprietary Gallus Designed Rear Dropouts
  • Built around 650b x 42mm tires with use of fenders
  • 130mm rear spacing
  • Low-trail fork geometry for use with front rack
  • Rack and fender braze-ons


  • Choice of either 1″ threaded or 1″ threadless steer tube
  • Choice of type of brake mounting for either centerpull, cantilever or caliper brakes
  • In-frame wiring for fender mounted tail light
  • Available in either light blue or leaf green


  • Compass Centerpull Brakes $345
  • Front Rack $325, detachable low riders $275 (pair)
  • Sterling Silver Headbadge $100
  • Bronze Headbadge $75
  • Connectorless generator hub fork drop outs $150
  • Couplers $400
  • Pump peg, Chain Hanger braze-ons, Constructeur Chain Slap Guard $25 each
  • Custom paint starting at $250 upcharge


  • Standard Frame and Fork $2100
  • 3 levels of build kits for a complete bike. Complete bikes will start at $3600, not including fenders or racks.

Delivery Time

  • First batch should be complete by early Spring
  • Since the fork and brake braze-ons are not made/installed till the frame is ordered, the bike does not get painted till it has been ordered. Please allow 4 weeks for this work to be completed and delivery.



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