The Ride Journal

Hey folks, I have a stack of projects to share with you guys soon, but I want to finish up a couple of things before I do that. In the meantime, I am happy to announce that my Rollins Pass story, accompanied by stunning illustrations by Guy Shield , has been included in Issue 10 of The Ride.  The Ride is a British based journal that focuses on cycling stories, illustrations, and photographs.

At nearly 200 pages it is a very content rich and diverse publication covering everything from commuting and touring to BMX and professional road racing.  To share the same pages as some of my favorite cycling journalists like Jered Gruber and Lionel Birnie,  along with athletes like Chris Boardman and Dan Timmerman, and many other talented writers, artists and fellow cyclists is a true honor.

I highly recommend y’all picking up a copy. It will certainly keep you occupied for quite a few cold Winter nights.


One thought on “The Ride Journal

  1. Will definitely consider picking up a copy! Especially since you mentioned it’d contain a whole lot about different bikes in texts and images.

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