Lug Work for Laura’s 650b/c

There is no denying that beyond their structural purpose bicycle lugs also create a distinctive focal point on any lugged bicycle frame. They carry many attributes that help define both the purpose, aesthetics and age of a given bike. For me, even simple, unmodified lugs are a thing of beauty. The curving edges and pointed tips create an elegant form that is extremely pleasant to the eye. A framebuilder can then change the form of the lug through carving, drilling and filing to create a unique piece.

The photos below are a lug set that I carved out for my last project. They started out as standard Henry James lugs. I cut out the windows and modified the lines. The top tube lug was also chopped and then received an extension to accommodate Laura’s more upright position. I have finished building the frame so check back shortly for more photos of the project.

A big thank you to Scott Quinn for taking the photos. You can see more of his work at:


IMG_8437 IMG_8455 IMG_8484 IMG_8485

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