Sneak Peek: Kevin’s 650b French Inspired Road Bike


I recently finished Kevin’s frame and fork and I shipped it off to Keith Anderson to be painted.  This has been a great project. As I mentioned in a previous post, Kevin is bicycle historian and already has a great collection of handmade bicycles. Not only am I pleased to add a bike to his top notch stable, there have been many details circling around my head that I have been wanting to incorporate into a bike and this was perfect opportunity to implement them. The brief Kevin outlined was straightforward enough: hand cut bi-lam lugs, couplers, room for fenders and 650b x 42 mm tires, capable of accepting the vintage parts Kevin had collected, and a classy paint scheme that would complement his natural leather Brooks saddle and leather brake hoods. Below are some detail shots from the build. Check back soon to see it painted and built up. I guarantee it will be a beauty.
















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