Time Machine: Lugged Spirit Keirin Track Frame

With the new year rolling in I spent a little time reflecting over the events of 2013. Moving to Denver will certainly stand as a significant mile stone. At the same time I began to realize the vast extent bicycles play in my life not only now, but for what has now been nearly half of my life. Bike rides like Paris-Brest-Paris, riding up Mt. Evans, bicycle tours like the one I did to Austin last Christmas or around Europe a few years  serve as milestones. Not only do I remember them as personal achievements and adventures, they also have become a marker of time, categorizing  things as either happening before these events and occurring after.

In the same vain, the bicycles I make also serve as a marker of time. A frame can take a minimum of 40 hours of labor, and can easily extend up to 80 or 100 hours depending on the complexity of the build. Being engaged in the process of making something for that long definitely creates a personal connection with both the object and the craft. And I also began to associate personal events with the bikes I build, placing them as either occurring before, during or after a certain project. In some ways that connection with the  craft ends once my work is done and begins a new kind of connection with the customer. Hopefully a connection of them establishing significant personal milestones. And you thought you were “just getting a bike”. Happy New Year.

Below are some pictures of the last bike started during 2013, and the first one finished in 2014. And you can scroll down to the last two posts to see more pics of the lugs and how I made the fork crown.














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