Happy Lugdays

Here are a few photos of the my current project. It is a traditional track frame made with Columbus Spirit Keirin tubes and Henry James lugs. It is my first time using Spirit Keirin as they are a relatively new member to the Spirit Family(Spirit and Spirit for Lugs) and they are not available in the U.S. yet, I had them shipped direct from Italy.

I have used Henry James lugs several times, but it has been awhile as the last few bikes have either been fillet brazed, stainless or oversize diameter. Henry James does make some over size and stainless lugs, but he is most known for his offerings in standard diameter. They are the only lugs cast in the U.S., and I think they are the best quality lugs available and enjoy using them when they are suitable to the frame.

I did not alter the overall shape, but did clean up the shore lines, and added a small fillet to give the lug more of a “flow”, and the Gallus standard lug thinning.

Happy Holidays. Hope it is not too cold for a bike ride wherever you might be. I had to defrost my toes after my morning ride today before going to the shop.






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