Disc CX Mach II

Below are some photos of the latest ‘cross frame I built. It is similar to the last one I made, but with some refinements based on what I learned building the last one. The main tubes are still tapered Dedacciai Zero tubes. I used a new Columbus tapered head tube that had internal head seat cups made from stainless that were able to be brazed in, a stronger solution than the Deda head tube with cups that were to be epoxied in place. I used True Temper S-bend chain stays that had a really nice bend  in them, making it easier to achieve both adequate tire and chain ring clearance. Combined with the Deda S-bend seat stays the rear triangle has a race ready appearance. The frame also has internal cable routing through out, running full length housing for the rear brake and front derailleur, and cable stops for the rear derailleur.

Disc brakes are proving to be a controversial addition to ‘cross racing this season. From a design stand point, a custom frame builder must address the requirements of the rider/client, essentially develop a “program”, and if willing to build said bicycle, come up with the most elegant solutions to these design parameters. I am happy how this bike came out and look forward to building more and continue refining the design and construction based on both my own observations and feed back from my customers and other riders.










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