Riding High: Denver-Mount Evans-Denver

Back in January, my dear friend Roberto Caligaris from Italy sent me a bike jersey he earned after riding the famous Maratona dles Dolomites bike race. I knew I would have to do something special the first time I wore this jersey to honor such a gift. The only fitting ride would be to climb to the summit of Mt. Evans, the highest paved road in America. The 14 mile climb would have been too short if I started at the bottom, so I started in Denver, 64 miles away and rode up hill for 9 hours till I made it to the top. The way home only took 3.


Sunrise from Lookout Mountain




R1-07575-010A  R1-07575-008A  R1-07575-006A

R1-07575-002A  R1-07575-003A


Lucky Charms

One thought on “Riding High: Denver-Mount Evans-Denver

  1. Fuck yeah! Awesome tribute Jeremy. Let me know if you want to ride that again anytime – Id love to join you.
    Sam (from DBC)

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