Lug Craft/Lug Draft

It’s been a long time since I have had to sketch/draft something with pencil and paper.  Bike design is usually done on the computer, and after that the real art begins when you start crafting out of metal. Even computer work is minimal as all your really need are tube lengths and angles.

For an upcoming build the customer, Colin, requested fancy lug work. One of my suggestions was a form of bi-laminate lugs, but examples are few and far between. There is only so much “You know, it will kinda be like this, and kinda like that” can actually convey what I am visualizing in my head. With such work being of the time consuming nature, and ultimately a matter of taste/preference, I want to make sure the customer is on board from the get-go.

A bit out of practice, hand drawing isn’t necessarily one of my strong suits(especially coloring as you can see below), but in this case the best media to get the design out. It was interesting drawing instead of using the computer. There was certainly a greater deal of focus and finesse involved, much like what it will take to craft this bike or any other bike, by hand, without the aid of machines or computers.






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