A Shiny One

Howdy folks, very pleased to finally post since moving to Denver. The bicycle rain gods had a thunderstorm right  before I moved and I took delivery of a couple of fresh frames. First up was the disc lugged coupler fat tire road bike that many have seen in the raw. The customer, Matthew, has been enjoying the hell out of it and is very pleased with the end result. The bike was built in conjunction with Colonel’s Bicycles in Fort Worth and their star mechanic Aubery did the parts build. As of right now I don’t have a lot of pics of it, only what has been sent to me or what I stole off faceburp. but more will follow, especially once the racks are back from the chromer. Till then enjoy these couple of snaps.


matthews bike2

The second pic was taken at the “Ferrous Ride” that Colonel’s organized. It was a mass ride from their shop to a new Fort Worth brewery called Martin House. People were encouraged to ride steel bikes hence the name. In addition to Matthew’s bike, both the owners of Colonel’s, Rick and Doug rode the bikes that I had built for them. Y’all have probably seen these bikes before as they have been 2 of the most popular bikes I have made so far.

I am honored when anyone chooses to ride my bikes, but when not one but two shop owners with several decades of being in the bike industry and riding, with access to just about any bike choose to ride my bikes it means even more.


colonels bike2


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