Ray’s Lugged Coupler All-Rounder

I’m very pleased to share the pics of the latest bike. This was a great project. Ray wanted the kind of bike I really enjoy building(though I enjoy building most kind of bikes), and was also into the components I like using as well. Components come from Shimano, Chris King, Phil Wood, Paul, and IRD. The wheels were actually built by Joe Young, who is one of the best wheel builders in the country, but conveniently lives in Grandbury, Tx. Joe carries a similar outlook towards his wheel building as I do to my frame building, building what best suits the rider for the given application, not building what is currently trendy.

This bike unfortunately did not stay in my possession very long, and I did not get much of a chance to show it off. I had planned on having a booth at the Rahr/Trinity Swap Meet on Sunday, but still had to do a few things to the bike before Ray came to pick it up.  I did manage to get down to the Swap for about 30 minutes with the bike and walked around and showed the bike off a little. I also managed to snap some pics of the bike at the Brewery.







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