Low Rider and Randonneur Rack Combo

Just finished this front rack that is a combination of a low-rider and randonneur style front bag rack. The low riders are detachable so if riding with panniers isn’t necessary they can be replaces with simple struts to support the platform. But, I think the low-riders look pretty cool, so I wouldn’t be surprised if the customer wants to keep them on most of the time. Having them detachable also allows the rack to be packed in the S and S travel along with the coupled bike that it is being made for. Now I am on to the rear rack. Show y’all soon…






2 thoughts on “Low Rider and Randonneur Rack Combo

    1. Thanks. I designed it as available tabs did not work too well with traditional curved road fork blades. The blades are however are thicker than what I normally use to take the force of the disc brake.

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