Thanks for Stopping By

The turn out at the Texas Custom Bicycle Show this past weekend far exceeded both my expectations and attendance at our previous shows. Thank you to all that made it out, I hope you enjoyed yourself.

It was great meeting all of you and I was very pleased by the response everyone had towards my bikes. I was also flattered that many of you have been following both my work and this blog. I hope my bikes continue to impress and maybe even get as many of you on one of them. Life is to short to ride a production bike.

Another big thanks to Glenn at Daltex and the crew from Transit Bicycles for their role in getting the show organized and promoted. And to all the other builders, always great meeting up.

Stay tuned to see the unpainted bikes finally painted and some other projects coming out soon too.

2 thoughts on “Thanks for Stopping By

  1. Hey Jeremy,
    Just wanted to say it was cool to see you and everyone else at the show. Its always a pleasure and I wish I didn’t live so far away cause I’d be bugging you all the time to show me something new. You build some really tight stuff and you’re one of my favorite builders. Good to see you and if you’re ever in my area give me a shout and stop by.



  2. Jeremy, I just wanted to say congrats on the bike show this weekend. we had a good time and I loved how your bikes stood out more than the others. unfortunately, I saw a lot of plane-jane bikes there this weekend. there’s a lot of people hand-building bikes out there, but you are one who stands out because you put so much life into your builds! there’s something to be said about someone who makes a point to go that extra mile to make things really stand out…chroming the lugs, the beautiful couplers, the details in the racks, and the paint jobs all make your bikes stand out. congrats again on the show, and hopefully your hard work will pay off!

    and hopefully someday, I’ll scrape up enough cash to have you build one for me. 🙂

    (just copying from Facebook so others can see…)

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