Colour Contest, Win Free Stuff


I recently showed pics of the racks I made for the French bike. I have now posted about this bike quite a few times.
Some of you might have seen it at the Rahr Bike Swap a couple weeks ago. Y’all might be getting sick of seeing it, but personally I can’t get enough of it. I am so in love with this bike. But, I promise the next time I show pics of this bike it will be painted. We need your help first.

I recently handed it over to the owner, Marcus, who is a bike mechanic(among many other talents), so he could do a dry fit. I was hoping to have it painted for the upcoming Texas Custom Show, but we are going to hold off because time is short now. Luckily it is just as stunning without paint.

In addition to the upcoming show, another major factor of why it is not painted is that we cannot decide what colour it should be. I have made a few suggestions, but ultimately it is up to Marcus, and he can’t figure it out. It was actually his suggestion to put it to the public and see what y’all have to say. And with that I decided to put forth a contest. If we choose your colour you will win a Gallus T-shirt and a pat on the back.

Here are some considerations:

The lugs, couplers, and racks are stainless and will remain unpainted with a brush finish.

All the parts are vintage, so most likely going with something a little “classy”.

The rims are wood, and the saddle and bar tape are brown leather. Paint should complement this.
Ok, here are a few pics of it built up, RAW!

7 thoughts on “Colour Contest, Win Free Stuff

  1. Color theory says that blue is good choice, since it will contrast the orange rims, really making them stand out, and will play well with the leather and shiny metal bits too. Have any decals or designs been chosen yet – if so, that should be considered when picking out a shade, but if that hasn’t been decided I suggest Air Force Blue (specifically, the lighter blue used by the US Air Force Academy) if you don’t mind the Rivendell aesthetic, or go with a classic Midnight Blue for a French feel.

    1. thanks david, we have been leaning towards blue. mainly a light metallic almost ice blue. a few bikes have been midnight blue now, and once we even used the blue off of a f4u corsair. we will keep this in mind

  2. I’m thinking ice blue.I had originally imagined a vintage green but I don’t think it would go as well with the wooden wheels.

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