Website Has Been Cured

Hi. Some of you might have tried to go to my website last week to find an ominous warning sign saying that my website was infected with a malicious computer eating virus. It turns out that a few Russians hadn’t realized that the cold war was over and invented website destroying robots and for some reason had it for this humble bicycle frame builder.

Well, we won folks. Thanks to Jared, my web and graphics dude, and my friend Howard of Bike Denton and Querenicia Community Bike Shop the site was restored back to health and will no longer want to cannibalize your computer. Please have a look at Jared and Howard’s respective sites. Jared is super talented, and Howard has a great ride report about Dirty Kanza.

As for myself, I am putting the final touches on the French bike. Only thing left is a chain slap guard that I am waiting for a couple of pieces for. There is a plethora of projects in the works after that so stay tuned for some rad-ness. Things are really starting to line up, so it is a good opportunity to mention that if you are on the fence about getting a frame from me, now is a good time to do so before the waiting list gets any longer(currently 5 to 6 months). I also foresee price increases in the not so distant future.

I have also gotten a couple good rides in recently. Most notably an overnight 234k permanent with my friend Bernie last Saturday. I have been running a lot as I am training for a 100 mile ultramarathon, so after the ride I immediately went for a 10 mile run. Gotta get those legs used to some abuse. Next weekend is a 600km brevet which should be fun. I will try my best to get some ride reports up soon.



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