Integrated Handlebar and Stem Mach II

Finished up the second set of handlebars for the belt drive bike recently. I am very pleased with how they came out and the bar was literally raised this time. No pun intended. Though they might look simple, there was a lot of work involved, especially machining, which is always new to me. Here are a few pics.

Fairly narrow straight bars for cutting through traffic

Custom machined brake perch made out of stainless and integrated, i.e. brazed, onto bars. The stem is made out of NOS Columbus Gilco Tubing

Custom bar end caps with the Gallus “G” cut into them. They have a hidden set screw underneath to allow the grips to go on and off. The diameter of the grips, caps and the center section of the bars are all the same to make everything flush and super clean.


2 thoughts on “Integrated Handlebar and Stem Mach II

  1. Sweet. I need a pair of bar end caps and was wondering if the ones you made for these handlebars can fit other handlebars as well? If so I want some!

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