Disc Brake Lugged Road Bike Not-So-Dry Build

I typically like to do a “dry” build of a bike before sending it to paint. This basically means building the complete bike up unpainted, ride it around, make sure everything is working right, then stripping all the parts off and sending to the painter.

In this case, the owner of the bike, Matthew, is good friends with the guys at Colonel’s and they organized the components and their mechanic, and Fort Worth’s finest, Aubrey Williams did the build.

I went by there today to snap some photos, and low and behold it was raining. If you ever look at bike pics from the Portland frame builders, their bikes typically have rain drops on them as it is either always raining whenever a bike needs to be photographed or that Portland “Wet Look” is a stage effect achieved by spraying the bikes down with a hose. I am not too sure how they do it, but today at least, it was like I was in Portland snapping bike pics.

Here are a few pics. I have been juggling a few things lately, so still need to do the racks, and Matthew is planning on taking the bike unpainted to South Dakota where he is going to spend the summer, so it might be a while till everything is totally complete.

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