Bicycle Times PBP Article


Received word from a few friends who subscribe to Bicycle Times that they had just gotten the latest issue containing my Paris Brest Paris ride report. I ran down to Barnes and Noble to get a copy, but I guess it is not “available at news stands everywhere” yet(they still had the last issue out).

I briefly saw the editors copy on her iPad while I was at NAHBS, but things were too hectic to have a proper read so I am still anxious to see how it came out. From what I saw the layout looked really cool. They set the article up as if it was a brevet card. And as I mentioned before it is a dual narrative so you also get the story from fixed gear rider Paul Rozelle, which is very much in the spirit of randonneuring.

When I saw the cover online I was super excited. The story was featured as the cover piece and influenced the amazingĀ  art work. I always thought that Dirt Rag and Bicycle Times had the best cover art out of any bike mag and even most any kind of mag for that matter. I had even hinted to the editor that it would be cool to see some illustrations for the story, and it seems like they were a couple steps ahead of me.

Lastly, I would like to mention that having this published is significant for my family. It turns out that journalism and writing is actually the family trade. Along with my younger brother I am now the 4th generation of writers in the family. Both my parents are journalists, all of my Mom’s sisters are in some sort of literary field, my grandfather was a columnist, and my great grandfather was a writer. In my rebellious youth I had shunned writing, always doing poorly in English class. I have been a bit of a black sheep getting into design and then bicycle building. But I suppose it is in my genes, and it is great to write about something I love so much; bikes.

Hope y’all get a chance to read it and once it is available online I will post it up here.

2 thoughts on “Bicycle Times PBP Article

  1. Yep, my friend just got a subscription and called me up to tell me about your article. If you go to the Bicycle Times website store, they’re selling a print of the image on the cover. Of course I seriously dig the retro look, so I’ll probably pick one up. Can’t wait for the issue to hit the racks– you better pick up several for the family!


    1. hey jeff,
      yeah, i saw the poster and i have already ordered 2 of them. when i first saw the poster and cover for some reason i thought that it was for an old issue. then it clicked that it was for the new one and i realized that it had made the cover and the drawing was depicting the thunderstorm between loudeac and carhaix.

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