Paris Brest Paris Medal and Results

Paris Brest Paris Medal

Late last week I received a package direct from the Audax Club Parisien containing the finishers medal for PBP. It has my finishing time engraved on it. A beautiful souvenir for a beautiful experience. No, it is not a beer opener.

Also included was a very thick catalog of results and statistics of the ride. I have flipped through it a few times, and will probably study it more closely in time to come.  Records, figures, and statistics are a big part of randonneur nerdness, and I enjoy this aspect of the sport.

Result book


A month or so ago an online video about PBP was brought to my attention. It just so happened that I had a short appearance about 3 minutes into the video, and another one a bout a minute later. I am slowly getting over my camera-shyness, and would rate this as one of my better on camera performances, maybe it was the magic of PBP in  the air… The video is quite long, and I still have not watched the whole thing. Follow this link to watch it: PBP video.(sorry can’t spring for the video upgrade for the blog just now)

As I mentioned some time back, my ride report for Paris Brest was going to be published by Bicycle Times. The thing was too damn long, so it is taking the editor a bit longer to cut it down, but should be out in one of the upcoming issues. I also received word that another participant, by the name of Paul Rozelle, had sent them his very long ride report as well, and the editor is now developing a dual narrative taking the better parts of both of our accounts to make up the story.  This guy Paul seems to be even more of a dude than I am because he apparently rode PBP on a fixed gear, and 3 days before the event rode up Mount Ventoux 4 times in 24 hours. I found an account of his Mount Ventoux experience here.

I really like the idea of combining 2 reports and look forward to seeing how it turns out. Writing a report about PBP, other grand randonnees or even shorter brevets has long been a tradition of randonneuring. I have read several other reports about PBP so far, and can’t seem to get enough of it.

Riding over the past few months has been a bit minimal. For a while, I did not want to be hours away in the middle of nowhere if an emergency happened with my mom, and since then more time is needed to catch up with work. That said, I have been on the bike twice in the last month, for  200km and 300km brevets. I don’t foresee another brevet  for a little while with NAHBS coming up and I am now tapering for a Marathon.  Yes, the “R” word. Running has provided a good alternative when time has been in short supply over the past few months, and I needed a little break from cycling after doing so much last year. But I am now itching to get back on the bike, so I am looking forward to some spring riding.

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