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At times I am really bad about documenting and updating the blog. While I am working I am too focused on the job at hand to stop and take pictures, and I also don’t really like showing things unfinished as things might appear messy and not make sense in their incompleteness. Then, when the project is done, I am too eager to get the bike off to the customer that I quite easily forget to take pictures and beam them up onto the net.  Currently I have a lot of things going on at once, and I thought I would stop for a second and get a couple pics up, in case I forget later.

I am deep in NAHBS preparation. Though I was planning on bringing a couple new bikes, I am only now catching up from the past few months, and will bring mainly the bikes I showed at the Texas Show. Slightly disappointing, but I am actually just glad to make the show this year. I am taking the belt drive bike, Rick’s MTB, and my PBP bike. These bikes are great, and I am sure people will enjoy them.

My PBP bike is getting a bit of a make-over for the show. A few of things were put on temporarily, to save a bit of time and money, just to get me through the event. It’s currently at my painter’s shop getting a little bit of paint. And I have just finished up a new rack for it.

The rack will get dropped off at the chromer’s tomorrow. I have also ordered a custom front rack bag from Swift Industries. And I am more than excited about getting it. Its a bit interesting to be someone who makes custom things for other people and now be on the other side of it and have something made for me. Reading their blog and understanding why and how they do what they do resonated with me and served as a reminder of why I do what I do.

I have also been working on a stainless lugged, coupler, disc brake, all rounder style bike for Matthew Lerberg of Arlington. This bike and working with Matthew has been great. I am almost done with it, but I have not been happy with the offering of disc tabs for curved fork blades, so I am now in the process of designing and then making one, so the project might take a little bit longer till its completed. Here are a couple sneak peaks:

sexy seat cluster


My favorite thing about this frame so far is the seat stay caps. They look very traditional, but I did cut them out by hand, and after putting them on I knew I had nailed the proportion of them. I like how they are kind of long and narrow. They are also stainless so will be polished up along with the lugs and couplers and will look nice popping out from the paint on the rest of the bike.

Ok, that’s all for now. Hopefully some more to follow soon.



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