New Pics on Website

Buddy Rick from 1919 making sure there is film(memory card) in the camera

Over the weekend my good friend and web genius Jared added some new pics to the website ( There are 3 new bikes posted, Stephen’s belt drive bike is in the track bike section, Clint’s road bike, and Rick’s (a different Rick in the above picture) 650b Mountain Bike. I started a new section called ” Adventure Bikes” for bikes that don’t really fit in any one type of bike other than being able to handle multiple types of terrain. Rick’s bike is in this new section along with a few pics of the 20″ wheel Travel Grinder, so actually there are 4 new bikes on the site. Though I need more pics of the Travel Grinder eventually. The ones up were taken on short notice so the bike could be featured in Popular Mechanics Magazine. Did I tell y’all I had a bike in Popular Mechanics? They did a spread about cargo bikes and the Travel Grinder was in it.

Thanks to Nick Prendergast for taking the photos once again. And to the lads and lassies of 1919 Hemphill for letting us use their space for the shoot.


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