A short update

Hi folks,

Sorry for ignoring this space for the last couple of months. As I had previously mentioned back in September, my mom had been going through cancer treatment for some time. Since returning from Europe her condition has unfortunately gotten a lot worse. Bikes have been on the back burner  since the Texas frame builders show back in October, as I have been spending more time helping her and my family and visiting with guests and relatives that come to see her.

That said, I have not completely been ignoring the workshop, though working at a much slower pace than normal. I have been working on a stainless lugged cross/commuter bike with couplers and disc brakes. The frame is nearly done, just a few braze-ons and then the fork and racks. Once it is a cleaned up  a bit, I will have some pics up. And I will mention that I am very excited about this frame and pleased with how it is turning out.

I have also had a photo shoot with Nick Prendergast, and now waiting for web wonder boy Jared to add them to the main website. And I have written and sent off my PBP article to Bicycle Times. Hopefully it meets their standards and gets printed. Additionally I have signed up for NAHBS in Sacremento, but now need to figure how the hell I will get there with a bunch of bikes.

One of the bikes I will be taking is the bike I built for myself to ride in PBP. It is a stainless 650b classic randonneur style bike with couplers. I have not been able to post any pictures till now because I finished it 2 days before I left for my trip and then I left my camera in Glasgow, where I spent a week after Paris. I have now received my camera, and let’s just say its not a good idea to leave your camera in the possession of old haggard Scottish bicycle messengers. I had to spend a lot of time deleting photos.

Here is a couple pics of my PBP bike in Paris the day after the event. I had no time for clean up before the trip, but have since done quite a lot of cleaning and even though it is stainless(the fork isn’t, hence the surface rust), it will get a lick of paint before NAHBS. There are also a couple PBP pics that I took and some that my friend Jeff Newberry sent to me. Image




"Galluis" French for Gallus





Good ol' sleep deprivation


My friend Jeff Newberry somewhere in the French country side

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