Belt Drive Track Frame Sneak Preview

I am gathering up a few bits and pieces, making sure everything is dialed before getting the bike completely built up. In the mean time here are a few pics of the frame. If you are like me and think this frame is rad, just wait till its built up because in addition to the detailed, very custom frame work by yours truly, all the stops were pulled when it came to the components. Between getting lost in the lusciousness of this frame and having the Tour de France on, things have slowed down slightly, but as always have lots and lots of great projects in the works so best get back to it…..

Bi-Laminate Lugs, thinned and drilled

Pure Gallus Head Tube

More Gallus-ness


Don't worry, there will be a stainless face that bolts onto these custom drop outs


Super Gallus


Custom one piece handle bars and stem


My hand holding custom bar/stem


Track Crown with Classic Round Fork Blades

5 thoughts on “Belt Drive Track Frame Sneak Preview

    1. thanks. i am getting the stainless plates machined down a little because they looked a little thick. can’t wait to put them back on ‘cuz the cut outs look a lot sharper with them on.

  1. This bike looks super rad. Can’t wait to see pictures of it built up. I got you a sticker from Track Shack in Denver. Ever heard of that place? I hadn’t actually, I just was walking by and spotted it on the way to the train station from the art musuem. Anyway, we need to hang out and I’ll give it to you. Give me a bell.

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