Clint’s All-Rounder Road Bike

I finished building up Clint’s bike last weekend, but was so eager to get him on it didn’t snap any pics before it rolled out of the garage. He has now had a few rides on it and loves it, obviously. I knew Clint was into taking photos and would probably do a better job than I would so I asked him to snap some pictures for the blog.


I feel like this bike really represents the kind of bike that I am all about. The frame is made from standard diameter Columbus SL tubing with custom drilled, filed and thinned Henry James lugs, Pacenti Artisan Fork Crown, and  Paragon Dropouts. The geometry is designed for a long day in the saddle with parallel 73* seat and head tube angles, 430mm chain stays  and 57mm front trail. The riding position is slightly up right position courtesy of Nitto Technomic Stem and Noodle Bar, comfortable but quick 700c x 28mm Panaracer tires on hand built wheels with Velocity Rims and White Industry Hubs, and Honjo fenders for some rain protection(even though it never rains in Texas).

Braking Power is provided by Paul Race brakes, which are both beautiful and extremely powerful. The drive train is the relatively new Campagnolo Athena 11 speed gruppo. I like the Athena group because you get the benefits of upgraded 11 speed technology with the classic look and durability of alloy cranks and derallieurs. I don’t have Campy on my own bike, but need to get a few more bikes sold so I can switch over. Every time I install Campy on a bike I am blown away by the quality, performance, feel of the shifters and the Italian styling. I like the ease of the rear shifting and the micro adjust of the front derailleur. The shape of the Ergo shifter is about as “ergo” as it gets, you hardly even notice gripping on to them.

And then, most importantly,  we have the beautiful paint scheme. I had been wanting to do a faded panel on a bike for a long time. The word “fade” seems to have a negative connotation as most people have balked at my suggestion. I did a better job of showing Clint some examples, mainly frames made by Brian Baylis, and he was pretty keen on the idea. Its always interesting working with customers on coming up with the color choices. They will have ideas and color combinations  that I would not come up on my own and its a fun collaborating with them. Ultimately its their bike and should have what they want, and its mainly my job to help guide them to the right place as they usually come to the table with lots of ideas. In this case, Clint’s color palette worked well, and though I wouldn’t have come up with it on my own, definitely meets my aesthetic approval.

3 thoughts on “Clint’s All-Rounder Road Bike

  1. Hey J,
    Thought I’d have a look at your website and blog and see what you do. I’m so impressed! Really impressed! By you running your own business, the bikes you’re building and the journey’s you are doing on your bike.

    and this is one pretty bike!


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