Bi-Lam Track Bike Update

Awhile back I had posted about a bi-laminate construction track bike that was in the works. I had gotten the front triangle done, then the project was halted because I had to design and then  have some custom drop outs made. The bike will have a belt drive system and this requires a split in the frame to allow the solid piece belt to be installed. I figured that the drop out was the best place to have the split. There are a couple commercially available ones, but they  are hard to come by and I am not that keen on their design, plus this bike is gonna be sooo custom when its done so figured  might as well go all out with some custom drop outs.

Designing them was the easy part, finding a machinist to make them turned out to be more difficult and slowed the project down considerable. I had talked to a few people, and had wanted to keep it local, thought I had it sorted out, but then never heard back from the machinists. Eventually I went to Jeff Gjersten of Gjersten Cycling Technology. I should have gone to him first. I had meet Jeff before and knew he was a mechanical engineer and had been designing jigs and other frame building tools, but for some reason did not realize that he was actually machining them himself. We went over the design and I made a few changes to the drawings and he had them done relatively quickly(in frame building concept of time) . Well, they turned out great and here is a pic. Note: don’t mind the black screws, they will be replaced with stainless ones.

Custom belt drive drop outs


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