P-B-P or Bust: Cleburne Goatneck 400k

Its been over a week now since I did the 400k qualifying brevet. In hindsight it was a great ride and I had a blast. If I’d written this post within a day or so of the ride it would of been an entirely different story. It was in fact a difficult day in the saddle due to the relentless wind and lots of climbing. But I survived and now only have to get the 600k ride finished with and I will have qualified for Paris-Brest-Paris.

I am not going to write a really long ride report this time because I am super busy these days and I actually took pictures this time. It was also the same 400k course I did last season, so read the old report if you want to know about the route. Even with the wind, my time was faster than last year, albeit by only 10 minutes. I did feel stronger this time, though last time this ride occurred only 2 weeks after I did a 600k and I was not recovered from that. I would also like to thank Richard from Arlington for riding with me on this last ride.

One thing about the wind, after I got over the fact that things were going to be a bit slow on the return leg, I was able to relax and smell the roses, or in this case smell the mesquite and road kill. It also afforded me a chance to take some pictures:

Wide open country

Brevet Food; energy bars and "Power Burritos"

Baker Hotel, Mineral Wells, 200k in, 200k to go

Home on the Range

Pretty Horse

2 thoughts on “P-B-P or Bust: Cleburne Goatneck 400k

  1. Yay pics! I don’t think I’ve ever seen your rando bike though. . . will have to search your archives. . . BTW, you’re pretty face/travel bike is featured in the latest Dirt Rag!!

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