S and S coupler retrofit

A couple weeks back I retrofitted a pair of S and S couplers on to a bike for local photographer Ron Jenkins(check out his photos). For those of you who are not familiar with the couplers, they basically allow the bike frame to be split into 2 pieces, which then is easily packed into a suit case that meets airline regulations for normal size baggage instead of paying the oversize fee

Ron is a staff photographer for the Fort Worth Star Telegram and travels a lot on assignment. He is also an avid cyclists and likes to get on a bike when he is visiting the various cities his job takes him. Tired of renting bikes, with the quality and fit always hit or miss, Ron decided that having a single speed bike that he could easily take with him would be a worthwhile investment. He bought a brand new Surly Steamroller and then brought it over for me to chop up and add the couplers. Here’s a couple of pics:



Single Speeds make great travel bikes. My own travel bike is a single speed. Their simplicity and light weight make them easy to pack and unpack, carry their case around the airport, and the no-fuss riding enables you to take in more of your surroundings when out sight-seeing.

In addition to saving on bank account crippling oversize baggage fees, the manageableĀ  size of the coupler travel case helps reduce the added stress of getting through airports, or getting on or off buses and trains. For me personally, the real beauty of having a bike with couplers is to always have your trusty stead, that you know well and feel comfortable on, instead of having to get used to a borrowed or rented bike or, god forbid, being away from your bike all together.


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