Bicycle Movie Night

During these cold Texas winter months, there is nothing better than watching  cycling movies to help keep you  pedaling.

This coming Sunday there will be a free, yes, free bicycle movie screening at 1919 Hemphill. I am helping to organize it along with BikeGang817 that my friend and talented artist Adam has just started. For those who don’t know Adam he did the mural in Trinity Bicycles along with helping to draw my bone and lightning bolt logo emblem.

You might see 2 flyers around town, don’t be alarmed, they are for the same event. Adam and I simultaneously made flyers, and then it was hard to choose one over the other. Kinda like saying you like one child more than another. In addition to the films, BikeGang is organizing a ride from Trinity Park to 1919. I believe it leaves at 6pm, there is info about that on their site.

BikeGang Flyer

There will be 2  films.  A Monday in Hell is a short film that is locally produced by Mark Whittier and stars Dave-O, who one half of Arundel Bicycle Company and local cycling legend.  We will be showing the director’s cut version with never before seen footage.

The Flying Scotsman is a big budget film that tells the story of Graeme Obree. Graeme was an amateur cyclist from Scotland who rose to international fame  for setting the World Hour Record(how long of a distance that can be cycled in an hour). Previously, this record was only held, and for that matter only attempted by the very top elite professional cyclists.

In addition to coming into the record from a non-professional background, Obree  employed some unconventional methods to achieve this feat. He essentially redesigned and then hand built his own bike out of a combination BMX bike parts and parts gutted from a washing machine. Punk As F@#$. He also used a revolutionary aerodynamic position(now very common). His background and unique methods did not sit well with the cycling establishment that oversees such records and they did everything in their powers to keep Obree from succeeding.

Obree also had to overcome many personal demons before he was able to achieve the hour record. The movie does a fantastic job of shedding light on all aspects of this true cycling champion. If you like cheering for the under dog, this is a great story.

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