Fork Party!

Howdy. Slowly but surely getting things rolling again after last months multiple bike show extravaganzas. I knocked out a few forks that will start off  some  nice projects.

3 amigos

The 2 on the left are track forks.  One is for Pete McGuire, a pal from Glasgow, and the other is for Stephen McClure who is from L.A. but happens to have a Scottish name so agreed to build him a bike. Soon I will began building the frames  and they will both be very unique, very custom bikes. So keep an eye out for their progress.

The third fork is for Britt Robisheaux of the Spiral Diner Dynasty. He currently has an Indy Fab bike and is wanting to convert it to a low trail 650b wheeled bike with a custom rack.  I have built up the wheels, and still have the rack to do.

Fork crown with rack mounts

Drop outs with fender and rack eyelets

The neat thing about steel forks, other than the amazing ride quality,  is that there are so many options to choose from when it comes to selecting the crown, drop outs, tubing. The fork is an integral part of the overall bike design and that’s why I love making forks instead of sticking on a carbon or off the shelf fork.  With all the options, the builder and client can tailor the fork to obtain the desired ride characteristics as well as keeping the aesthetic of the bike in harmony.

Aero track crown






Each of these forks have different crowns, fork blade tubing and drop outs. The track forks have slightly different lengths and rakes suited for their particular builds and the owners intended use/riding style.

Traditional track fork with round fork blades

Like my lug work, I thin down the fork crown material. I don’t go as thin on the crown as I would lugs, but its still noticeable(at least it is to me).

Right, better start working on the rest of the frames that go with the forks…..


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