This week in Fort Worth; bicycle events.

Good lord. 2 posts in one day. Am I turning into an over zealous blogger? Probably not, so please dont get used to this or I will only disappoint you.

The reason behind this daily double is that there are quite a few important bike events in Fort Worth that I wanted to let you fellow bike nerds  know about.

First and foremost,  long time family friend, journalist and cyclo-tourist Jim Peipert, brought along  David Herlihy,  acclaimed author of Biycle over for a shop tour. Mr. Herlihy is one of the leading bicycle historians, with particular emphasis on the early development of the bicycle and events during the turn of the century(1890’s- early 1900’s). He is currently on a book signing tour and will be giving a presentation about his latest book The Lost Cyclist

The signing will take place at Trinity Bicycles on South Main at 7 pm. Here is my signed copy of Bicycle

Other upcoming events is the Night Riders’ Monthly Pho ride. This will take place on Wednesday. They leave from the Chat Room Pub @ 7pm. I don’t make it out to the Night Riders’ cruises too often, but have enjoyed myself when I have.  I have never had Pho either, so I will definitely try and make it this time

Last but not least is FW Critical Mass on Friday. It will leave at 7 pm from Burnett Park. The last 2 months have had a great turn out, so I have a feeling it will be even bigger this month. Go Fort Worth!

One thought on “This week in Fort Worth; bicycle events.

  1. I enjoyed talking with you on the Critical Mass ride tonight and talking about your amazing custom bicycles. When I figure out what I want in a bike, you’ll be the guy I call to build it!

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