Sneak Preview: Paul Woodfield’s Travel Bicycle

My good friend Curtis Heath, and owner of the dead sexy green Gallus Commuter/All-rounder pictured below, suggested that I do a post a day on the blog. Aye right Curtis, I’ve got bikes to build! I will, however, try to keep this updated as much as possible.

Curtis Heath's Gallus

So, in that spirit let me show y’all some teaser pics of the latest Gallus creation. The bike was custom built for renegade cyclist Paul Woodfield from Dallas, TX. It is a 650b wheel road bike equipped with S and S couplers. Pictured below is a little sequence of how a  S and S bike packs into its purpose made, airline approved,  26″x26″x10″ travel case. I don’t want to post full bike pics until Paul has seen and enjoyed the bike. Also, this way I can drag out the blog posts and live up to Curtis’s novel suggestion.

Frame wrapped up in tube coverings to protect luscious paint job

Place rear wheel in the case, cassette faced down

Tuck handle bars under the wheel, and place the rear triangle on top of the wheel

Tuck front triangle with fork still installed under rear triangle

Add Compression members

Close the case and run to the airport. Its holiday time.

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